Buzzfeed Articles in an Intergalactic Future

future buzzfeed articles
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  • What Comes After Snapchat: Bracing for a Non-Perverted Future
  • 20 Reasons Why Walter White is the Best Father in the History of Entertainment
  • 36 Pics of Croissants That Look Like Kanye West
  • 72 Pics of Kanye West That Look Like Croissants
  • The Official Ranking of 3 Hottest Asian-American Men in Hollywood
  • 30 Heart-Warming Pictures of Puppies Doing Puppy Things
  • New Beyonce Single Hints at Alien Touchdown
  • You’ll Never Guess Who Spotted Aliens at Beyonce Concert
  • Here’s How Obama Should Address Statement on Revealed Alien Species
  • 10 Celebrity Tweets About Alien Invasion of U.S. Soil
  • 30 Gratuitous Pics of Lindsay Lohan Partying with Aliens
  • The Most Important Video of Aliens Blowing Up the White House You Will Ever See
  • 26 Bestest Pictures of Gleezor, The Alien Lord That Will Forever Rule the Planet Earth
  • Buzzfeed is now DrevokikovicxsNews
  • 37 Ways That Drevokikovicxs is a Better Name than Earth
  • 50 Kittens That Look Like Benevolent Ruler Gleezor

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