A Few Thoughts about the George Zimmerman Verdict

george zimmerman verdict
Image courtesy of Washtimes.com

The events that led to the George Zimmerman trial are as disgraceful as today’s verdict. The fact that young people in public have to worry about their safety at the hands of gun-toting members of society is scary. Fuck the jury, fuck George Zimmerman, and fuck whoever sides with that gun-wielding psychopath.

I want to have kids someday, and they will face potential threats every day of their lives–whether it is at the hand of a gun or more subtle forms of racism. I’m not dumb enough to believe that America is post-racial, as many do in the media and/or have their heads buried in the sand.  I’m definitely not planning to take them to Florida for extended periods of time–that’s for damn sure. Hell, just about anywhere in this country is up for grabs in the ignorance game.

And for people saying “I’m not surprised” regarding ANYTHING having to do with this trial, that high horse of superiority does nothing to right the wrongs that have been done. NOTHING. Get over yourselves.


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