A Reply to “Beats Pill and Being Offended”

beats pill and being offended

I wrote a blog post two months ago about my disgust for the Beats Pill commercial, cleverly titled “Beats Pill and Being Offended.” I got three replies–two positive (though one was in Spanish, and my high school Spanish training is long gone) and one not-so-positive comment.

The one critical reply was interesting because of the person that wrote. This man, Stormy Davis (with the awesome email address “venusfrycook69@yahoo.com”) had several holes in his argument, which were discovered in a quick scan of his Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/ozarksmidnightrider), as well as a penchant for dickery. Here’s his feedback:

Oh good grief, lighten up and grow up, people!
Where is your outrage on issues that actually MATTER in Women’s Rights?
These commercials, as far as I see, take the Beautiful Female Form and allow their Beauty to shine. Not abused or misused in anyway.
Let’s see some of you dare to speak out against the horrible way islam treats women, then when we have freed them from their lives of slavery, we’ll get back to women in scantily clad clothes in tv commercials.

And I wanted to offer my feedback of his feedback, which I DID!

Thanks for reading!

A few things about your response:

1. I’m plenty loose and fun, as you would find if you read more than one of my blog posts. I guess this one was too good not to comment on.

2. I’m 33 years old. I’m an adult emotionally and mentally, but you flatter me in thinking I’m in need of growing up!

3. I took note of your comment that the commercials “take the Beautiful Female Form and allow their Beauty to shine” and the liberal capitalization of “beauty” and “beautiful.” Grammar mistakes aside, I don’t have a problem with the feminine form, but I DO have a problem when the same feminine form is a prop for selling a product–as I mentioned in the post, a literal prop to put the product on top of. (Yes, I am fun at parties.)

4. As far as the “Not abused or misused in anyway,” grammar inaccuracy aside, I would HOPE that a commercial wouldn’t show the abuse of misuse of a woman–let alone a man, child or animal. “Misused”? Like sexually, or like “This woman makes a terrible pencil!”?

5. I found your enthusiasm for the feminine form to be of interest, so I checked out your Facebook profile page. You really DO love the feminine form! I’m sure these look familiar:

https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/561069_137857656358907_106601524_n.jpg (with your added comment “…. my Amazon Wish List …..”)
https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/405230_133878280090178_636441081_n.jpg (with your added comment “Oh me, oh my, oh you, all these Beautiful Southern Girls, what so ever shall I do…..”)
https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/p206x206/419985_130842067060466_856500194_n.jpg (with your added comment “MY page, I’ll decorate it like I want.
I think this is PRETTY, prettier than a Van Gough, my page, my taste.”

I can link the dozens of other examples, but this is more than enough for now. (I’ll address it more further down.)

5. You asked me to speak out on “the horrible way islam treats women.” First off, that’s deflecting the issue, which is this blog post and the subject of discussion. Second, this seemed addressed to several people, as if I’m not the only one that’s drawn your ire. Third, with the comment “then when we have freed them from their lives of slavery,” you’re suggesting a whole other issue involving American politics and putting hope in a President to do something. (Which is interesting, considering that you don’t think much of the President’s supporters based on your Facebook picture–https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/559968_243394645805207_1105231984_n.jpg–and I gather, the President himself.)

I hope you do America a solid and free all these women from their religion, though.

6. As far as my outrage on issues that actually matter in women’s rights, what SHALL I talk about? What topics am I permitted to talk about? Do I need your permission to type this sentence?

7. Does your email address “venusfrycook69@yahoo.com” mean that you like to go 69 on fry cooks? On Venus? Or are you a fry cook seeing a willing 69 partner from the opposite sex (“venus”)?

In summary:

– You read my blog (again, thanks!)
– You are asking a lot of people regarding what you think they should talk about, as people are not mind readers
– Your support of the “Beautiful feminine form” is based on fetishizing women based solely on their looks (especially if they’re in red, white and blue), and your lack of shame in this is a Women’s rights issue because you do not think of women as your equal.
– You equate misogyny as not being “misused.” Good to know!
– You have deep concern for the women of Islam, which is a good first start to having respect for a woman that doesn’t dress in Playboy bunny ears or Hooters shorts for your Facebook photo album pleasure.
– Your “venusfrycook69@yahoo.com” email address makes your argument null and void regarding demanding that I grow up.

Take care, you!



3 thoughts on “A Reply to “Beats Pill and Being Offended”

  1. This is good. Favorite part- “- Your support of the “Beautiful feminine form” is based on fetishizing women based solely on their looks (especially if they’re in red, white and blue), and your lack of shame in this is a Women’s rights issue because you do not think of women as your equal.”


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