Swagbucks: The Search Engine for Pervs

Swagbucks.com is a website for people that fancy themselves to be money savers and budget-savvy shoppers. The site offers power users the chance to earn points through watching videos and repeated use of their search engine. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Swagbucks user.)

It is this search engine that is both entertaining and worrisome, as even the more innocent phrases trigger suggestions that suggest that many of its users probably have sexual predator announcements in neighbors’ mailboxes.

Here are a few that I stumbled across in a typical day:

swagbucks-search-kids-misogyny swagbucks-search-show-misogyny swagbucks-search-drunk-misogyny swagbucks-search-caught-misogyny swagbucks the search engine for pervsBasically, I am probably on a police watch list.


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