Kmart Wants More Trayvon Martins, Basically

While the blog title is sensational, I have to wonder about the timing and fact that Kmart, the long-abandoned big-box retailer for all your cheap shit, is advertising cheap hoodies over a track by (and featuring in their acting debut?) black pre-teen rappers Da Rich Kidzz. TOO SOON, Kmart.

It’s no surprise that Kmart, like many businesses, thinks that African-Americans will only buy their products if their commercials are backed by hip-hop or R&B songs instead of, oh, I don’t know, anything else. But hey, I bet the marketers don’t interact much with minorities.

And the fact that the primarily black (and one white girl–quota!) Kmart spot had little kids nearly Trayvon Martin’s age hawking hoodies and denim on the thrifty is kind of interesting considering that it would be INSANE to want your child to be wearing a hoodie in public–Florida or elsewhere. They’ll be stylish threats to white people for low prices!

That is a hurdler’s leap of logic, but it takes that kind of mental gymnastics to justify racism in the first place–ESPECIALLY the kind that led to, you know. But hey, $10 hoodies and denim! Savor those savings and goodbye hugs before sending your kids out into the world one last time!



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