The Gift Pack of Douchebags

Like the cool breezes blanketing the country, autumn has set on the Ed Hardy trend. And much like the zombie craze that’s slowly rotting away like a maggot-infested brain, Ed Hardy merchandise is staggering through the capitalistic ecosystem, from high-end retailers to discount stores to their eventual resting place in third-world countries and landfills.

But before that, you can gift this crap to other people! And Christian Audiger has made it easy!

ed hardy gift pack


Now YOU can embellish your car in the theme of anti-romance! Your car can smell like douchebag with the provided air freshener! You can add cling bling with the stickers of the same name! You can pin a CD visor organizer to your sun visor and reach for a CD and crash your car! And you can grip the horribly decorated steering wheel cover and wonder where you’ve gone wrong in life!

What do YOU think of this horror, Beauty Pageant Child?

toddlers and tiaras


Me either, Beauty Pageant Child. Me either. But these things FIND me.


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