Goodnight Halloween

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In the great digital rough,

There is the internet

And a collective tough,

And a picture of…

A brown-painted Julianne Hough

And there were morons dressed as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

And little kids sold costumes too revealing for a youngin’

And Chris Brown getting arrested near Georgetown

And a title causing obscene for the Town of Bean

And Guy Fieri fought his hairdresser in a measurement of peen.

Goodnight rough

Goodnight Hough

Goodnight brown-painted Julianne Hough

Goodnight spite and the collective tough

Goodnight morons

Goodnight Zimmerman/Martin

Goodnight costumes

Goodnight youngins

Goodnight racists and goodnight satanists

Goodnight Chris Brown and goodnight Georgetown

Goodnight title and goodnight obscene

Goodnight Red Sox

Goodnight Bean

And goodnight Guy Fieri, hairdresser, and measured peen

Goodnight assholes

Goodnight geeks

Goodnight celebrity creeps!


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