Future Upworthy Headlines

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Image courtesy of Abcey.com
  • Why Being The Dictator Of A Third-World Country Is The Best Job
  • When A Corporation Worth A Quintillion Dollars Got Tax Breaks To Make A Kajillion Dollars. Crushes It.
  • He Was Told By Doctors That He Would Never Poop Again. Watch Him Prove Everyone Wrong.
  • These Twins Are Giving Away Their Virginity For Free. No Big Whoop.
  • See A Frat Brother’s Perfect Response To Allegations of Being A Douchebag.
  • George Clooney Delightfully Makes Sense of the Higgs-Boson God Particle. 
  • She Wanted To Have A Child. Here’s How She Evaded The Cops To Make Her Dream A Reality.
  • Many Consider Rob Ford To Be The Worst Mayor. Here Are 46 Reasons Why He’s Inspiring.
  • Watch 2 Crackheads Bring Themselves To Climax To A Standing Ovation.
  • Here’s Something To Make You Bawl Your Fucking Eyes Out.

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