35 Words Worse Than “Moist”

Image courtesy of sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

As a self-appointed commentator on American society, I have the privilege of observing and dissecting what people like, hate, and rarely anything in-between. (Hyperbole is another common popular trend.) The prevalence of social media can color our opinions, influence decisions and motivate actions, as it is the 21st century method of keeping up with the Joneses.

So what does this screed have to do with the word “moist?” you ask. A lot, actually; somehow, pop culture has come to a silent consensus that “moist” is the creepiest, worst word to hear. Considering that we live in a world where we are bombarded with news about violence, sexual exploitation and music artist Pitbull, there are millions of words worse than one meaning “moderately or slightly wet.”

So why does that word creep people out? Is it what their imaginations conjure up (a damp sponge, saturated panties–HEY, I discovered ANOTHER word that people hate!)? The sexual connotation (see “panties”)? The pronunciation? Or is it that, like the general, unimaginative consensus proclaiming bacon the “best thing ever” or Nickelback/Creed as the “worst band ever” (are we forgetting Far East Movement so easily?) it is something that people say because they’re not that interesting? Beats me!

So here’s a public service: 35 words worse than “moist” (and “panties”) that should make your skin crawl due to the imagery and history they contain. You’re welcome.

  1. Hitler
  2. Pedophile
  3. Murder
  4. Nickelback (sorry, but they’re a terrible band)
  5. Bloodletting
  6. Genocide
  7. Lynching
  8. Waterfall (forever ruined by Golden Corral’s Chocolate Waterfall)
  9. Molest
  10. Behead
  11. Redonkulous
  12. Fecalpheliac
  13. Watersports
  14. Urophilia
  15. Leto (basically Jared Leto)
  16. Asshole (the body part, the type of person)
  17. Bootstraps (its adoption by conservative politics)
  18. Bro
  19. Neckbeard
  20. Toyotathon
  21. Ratchet (the behavior)
  22. Hubby
  23. Wifey
  24. Viral (it’s overused; shut it down)
  25. Makeunder
  26. Glamping
  27. Kardashian
  28. Gutting
  29. Assault
  30. Epic (unless it’s in reference to music label Epic Records)
  31. Cyrus (Miley, Billy Ray)
  32. Vomit
  33. Peed (like “I peed a little” like a disgusting person)
  34. N-word (any form, really)
  35. Creed (see “Nickelback”)

Go forth and add to society’s creepy language!


3 thoughts on “35 Words Worse Than “Moist”

  1. Is this list in any particular order? For instance, is Hitler #1 because he’s the worst, or did you write things down as you thought of them? If they are in order, shouldn’t Kardashian be #2? Just a thought. Thanks for the fun read!


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