7 Sad Truths About Charleston

Image courtesy of angryhijabi.tumblr.com/
  1. Racism still exists; shit ain’t post-racial.
  2. Despite the mass shooting taking place at a church, this wasn’t motivated by religious bias. A simple Google search will tell you that Dylann Roof was a white supremacist that hated black people.
  3. Removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol, though a noble gesture long overdue, won’t erase racism or the bloodshed it has caused.
  4. Focusing on the Confederate flag and not the mindset of the killer, the heinous act committed, the racist motivations of the suspect, or the systemic racism that nurtured such a tragedy is sweeping the violence under the rug — a convenient excuse to not discuss the uncomfortable reality that racism and violence caused this.
  5. Gun control will likely not happen as a result of the assassination; if more than 20 murdered children in Sandy Hook couldn’t jump-start serious gun regulation discussion, the deaths of black people won’t. That’s how America works, apparently.
  6. America’s relationship with guns is fucked up.
  7. America’s relationship with black people is fucked up.

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