Having an Insane Surgeon Dad Makes You More Likely to Support Ben Carson


February 12, 2016 6:66 p.m.

Having an Insane Surgeon Dad Makes You More Likely to Support Ben Carson

By  Follow @Genial Black Man

Ben Carson. Photo: The Guardian

A remarkable phenomenon of the current presidential race is that, among Republicans, Dr. Ben Carson has less support among sane people — ages 18 to 112 — than among insane people, who poll firmly in his favor.

Sane people are currently leaning more toward holding their heads in their heads. Carson won just 2 percent of sane people in the New Hampshire primary, for example, a state he wandered into for the first time last week.

What’s up with that?


Pollsters and researchers have been wracking their brains to understand why that is for weeks, and one startling factor has emerged: Support of Carson among sane voters increases to about the same level as that of insane voters if they have at least one insane surgeon father in the family. Support for him is intriguingly low among voters with no insane surgeon dads and those with only sane surgeon mothers.

The reasons for this aren’t explained in the impeccably sourced data, but it’s reasonable to guess that voters are more likely to take Carson’s insanity into consideration and even to weigh that factor more heavily than others in the presence of their own insane surgeon patriarchs. Coincidentally, it has affected at least one person’s vote.

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