“What am I supposed to do?!?” Do SOMETHING.

Image courtesy of fastcompany.net

Previously, on Diary of a Genial Black Man:

That general obliviousness streak was interrupted by a 20-something white guy passing on my left. The stocky dude, wearing a baseball cap and shorts, loudly whined “What am I supposed to do?” …

In a form of digital protest, many Uber customers began deleting the app from their phone and their Uber accounts. So seeing the spelled-out-sniveling “What good does it do to delete the Uber app?” hit home in the same way that Boner Bro’s braying was annoying …

And they hired a big, big movie star — Arnold Schwarzenegger -– to take my place.  And we know how that turned out. The ratings went right down the tubes. It’s been a total disaster. And Mark will never, ever bet against Trump again.  And I want to just pray for Arnold, if we can, for those ratings, okay?

Last week was another one for the history books (should there be books in our future), what with Trump’s travel ban rankling the feathers of the country’s immigrants, refugees, and sane people. Protests broke out in airports nationwide, and many more took to the internet to complain.

The #DeleteUber hashtag, an online protest against the embattled company’s CEO Travis Kalanick’s continued support of Trump and the suspected JFK strikebreaking, had some effects: more than 200,000 Uber users canceled their accounts; the corporation announced plans to create a $3 million defense fund for legal, immigration, and translation costs for their (freelance) drivers (we’ll see if THAT happens!); and Kalanick quit Trump’s advisory council. So, shit happened as a result of the hashtag and online chatter.

Sure, 200,000 canceled Uber accounts is a small fraction of more than 40 million users. And that legal fund might not happen. (This is Uber we’re talking about.) And Kalanick and others of his ilk will continue to support Trump in financial and emotional ways. But money talks, and former Uber users spoke with their wallets to move the needle.

So once again, I ask those people who whine some form of “What am I supposed to do?!?” to define their endgame. We’ve seen what protests can do over the span of history through the proliferation of a message, and what’s not evident in immediate change is present in the trickle-down (ugh, that term) effect of that opposition in the glacial cultural progress. Those problematic protests that ruined someone’s commute led to a marginalized group having a smidgen more equality in their respective country. But that’s too much for some. (White people’s historical teddy bear Martin Luther King Jr. was once monitored and menaced by the FBI because he posed a threat as the “most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country.”)

I know that people flock to social media because they like to complain. And today’s online screeds are yesterday’s bigoted TV interviews, newspaper op-eds, and violence against peaceful protesters.

Image courtesy of jacksonfreepress.com

So what are you supposed to do? Do SOMETHING. If you truly care about a cause, show your support! Donate your money and/or time, protest, educate — SOMETHING. And if you don’t care and only want to shout ignorantly into the digital wind, cool, do that, you simpering fuck. And don’t be surprised to be on the wrong side of history.

Questions can have answers, and your reply is an indication of who you are. If you can live with your identity as a cock, fine. But don’t be surprised when you’re left behind to whimper to a smaller, less empathetic audience,

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