MORE Future HBO Shows

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  • The Whitest House: What if Donald Trump evicted all of the White House staff of color and thought, “NOW it’s good. Real good.”?
  • MuSlimShady: What if Muslims invented rap music, and then white Americans said, “This is ours now?”
  • Confessions: R&B star Usher goes door-to-door across the U.S., telling everyone that he has herpes
  • Transcendental: Remember when Donald Trump banned transgender soldiers from serving in the military? Then he threatened to take away their dental care!
  • (AI)n’t Misbehavin’: Where were you when a rogue, fascist artificial intelligence program inhabited everyone’s smartphones? When you see this show, you’ll wish you could forget!
  • Gentrificalifornication: What if all of California was taken over by avocado toast restaurants? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are banking on it!
  • Woman Thou Art Goosed: What if a sexist had to live life as a WOMAN for one decade? And what if a crazy wizard goose conjured the spell as performance art?!?
  • Safety Pin Not Guaranteed: When a group of well-mean white allies wear safety pins to a Trump rally, they encounter the start of eight seasons of smug victimhood
  • Charlottesville: What if all the Nazis are lured to a Southern city, and it is somehow nuked from orbit?

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