Alternatives for Fans Who Just Wanna Watch Football

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(Former?) NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest of police brutality, done during the national anthem before games last season by sitting on one knee instead of standing, immediately sent shockwaves through bigoted America. This past month, as more black athletes in the NFL and NBA protested in solidarity, bigoted America, led by bigot-in-chief Donald Trump, lost their collective shit — ranging from co-opting the protest to stand for unity in protest of Trump, to insistence on standing for the anthem and not sullying the flag, to wanting to enact rules to force players to not state their beliefs during the all-important flag time.

A common and frustrating refrain among the assholes was that they just wanted to watch football, that the protests took away from their enjoyment of their blacks trading brain damage from the enemy blacks. Never mind the fact that the peaceful protests were taking place during the national anthem, a pre-game display of jingoistic marketing to get fans excited by singing non-racist excerpts from a racist-ass song, and not during ANY portion of the game itself.

Basically, people who just want to watch football want blacks to stop complaining and be grateful that they’re allowed to live.

The willful ignorance of the protest’s aims and impact upon the game have been breathtakingly stunning, a true feat of obscuring and ignoring any and all facts in order to exercise hate against blacks and cultural struggles. Seeing a simple act of challenge to the status quo morph into a Pizza the Hutt-like monster of privilege, racism, and corporate greed has been a sobering reminder of how fiercely white Americans will cling to ideals of cultural superiority by any means necessary.

So for those people who just wanna watch football (i.e., “SHUT UP, N******!”), I have a few alternatives for you:

  • Find a pee-wee/Pop Warner/flag football game in your neighborhood and watch
  • Watch NFL RedZone (no protests THERE, I imagine!)
  • Search online for the millions of hours of football videos and go nuts
  • Get a head injury
  • Suck off the American flag like there is a prize at the bottom of the cup
  • Fuck off

And if your solution is to get a refund for your Sunday NFL Ticket because Trump says you shouldn’t watch football, go fuck yourself.

I’m continually heartbroken that people can be so racist in general. The fact that they can purposely misconstrue a protest against the systematic murder of black people to fit their hateful narrative is a mournful reminder of how much of America sees me and people who look like me. And the football field won’t be the last battleground for bigotry, but it’s now the most visible.

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