Supposedly Progressive Statements That Need to Die

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  • Racism will die off with old people.

The fact that racism has spanned all of American history — and before the United States was officially that — shows that this is false. The statement also forfeit’s responsibility for tackling racism in its current forms in society, tasking future generations to take it on.

  • I don’t see color.

Yeah, you do. Otherwise, your wardrobe and home decor would be a mismash of primary, secondary, and tertiary messes. Also, statements like that show that you intentially don’t recognize racism and the societal problems it (and you, by proxy) create and prop up.

  • Women and POC (people of color)

This is problematic because the separation of women from people of color in this instance bins off white women from women and men of color. In other words, it elevates white women above people of color — something affirmative action unfortunately demonstrates.

  • Racists are not intelligent.

First, anyone who voted for Trump is a racist — whether literally or by throwing yourself in with that lot. Secondly, a shocking amount of Trump voters had some form of college degree (associate’s degree and up) — with 37% of postgraduates being in the bag for the Bigot-in-Chief, according to an Edison Research for the National Election Pool study.

Thirdly, I’ve personally known people who are book smart (i.e., college educated) but are racially conservative, spouting negative views of people on welfare, denoting black friends as “one of the good ones,” and decrying political correctness when it comes to conversations on prejudice. Narrow-mindedness transcends logic, and it therefore inflicts people of all types of intelligence*.

*Donald Trump is not intelligent.

So if you or someone you know have said any form of the statements above, learn, pivot, and correct. Because you’re enabling — purposely or by accident — these behaviors and beliefs to continue for another generation to absorb.


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