Thank You, Mom.

Around the beginning of February, my mom said that she would surprise me with a birthday gift in the mail — something practical that I would love. For many years, birthday (and Christmas) lists have been the way for our family to communicate our gift wants, and this was the first year in ages that… Read More Thank You, Mom.

Genial Black Man Learns WhereWhitePeopleMeet!

With technology bringing global cultures closer together, it is only natural to accept the inevitable meshing of disparate peoples into one beautiful, colorful afghan. People of all colors erotically melting together into a primordial goo of knotted bodies that would make a United Colors of Benetton ad look as chaste as a, well, United Colors… Read More Genial Black Man Learns WhereWhitePeopleMeet!

Bye, 2015

Another year is almost dead and buried (like Bill Cosby’s career, AMIRITE?), and with that comes an existential reflection on the past 364 days and the shit that needs to not follow into 2016. Also, with the need for companies and people to feed the always-hungry internet beast with the content it craves for sustenance,… Read More Bye, 2015