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Dane Cook, 20 Minutes!

Never mind the fact that Dane Cook has NOTHING to do with this entry-level sales job: what the FUCK IS THIS? Are sales companies getting so desperate for candidates that they feel they have to grab job-seekers by name-checking popular (and bad) comedians? And what does “20 minutes” mean? 20 minutes until you realize that you’ve wasted that amount of time on this job ad? 20 minutes until you’ve gouged out your ear drums and eyes to avoid Cook’s hackneyed comedy?

I just… I… UGH.

What’s In Your TV? (April 2010)

A few years ago, satirical newspaper/website The Onion had a feature of made-up television shows on established TV networks, with titles that could easily pass for respective television shows on said network.

In an ongoing effort to test the limits to what I can do on this blog,  I’ll occasionally make one of my own: 

(Larger version can be found HERE.)


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