Alternatives for Fans Who Just Wanna Watch Football

(Former?) NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest of police brutality, done during the national anthem before games last season by sitting on one knee instead of standing, immediately sent shockwaves through bigoted America. This past month, as more black athletes in the NFL and NBA protested in solidarity, bigoted America, led by bigot-in-chief Donald Trump,… Read More Alternatives for Fans Who Just Wanna Watch Football

Entitlement and Threats

The rhetoric-charged U.S. presidential race has infiltrated discussion outlets online (e.g. your annoying friends on Facebook and Twitter) and offline, touching upon social, racial, and economic divides like never before. The workplace in particular has become a hotbed of political strife, and research has proven that blood is boiling because of the partisan politics. That… Read More Entitlement and Threats