Donald Trump is the GOP’s Iggy Azalea

Bear with me on this! Here’s my very flawed hypothesis as to why: Hair: Unnaturally blond, possibly plucked from Barbie dolls Skin: Hues not existing in God’s Crayola box Resting Face: Consistently pissy Appropriation: Donald: Lowest-of-the-low racist, homophobic, sexist populism of right-wing party and voters Iggy: Black American culture (dress, voice, attitude) Public performance aptitude: Donald Iggy… Read More Donald Trump is the GOP’s Iggy Azalea

Bye, 2015

Another year is almost dead and buried (like Bill Cosby’s career, AMIRITE?), and with that comes an existential reflection on the past 364 days and the shit that needs to not follow into 2016. Also, with the need for companies and people to feed the always-hungry internet beast with the content it craves for sustenance,… Read More Bye, 2015